Music; Performance, Songwriting, Production

Current projects:

Adam Prince King (live bass)

Elle Exxe (songwriting, production)

Grainne (songwriting, production, performance)

Hollow Hand (live guitar, bass, backing vocals)

Michael Baker (songwriting, production, performance)

Wilsoni Tha’ Funk Masta (soundslikehoney.com music blog and general funky business)

Past projects:

Amy Eftekhari (songwriting)

Crissie Rhodes [The Shires] (songwriting)

Leanne Robinson (songwriting, production, live guitar and backing vocals)

James Craise (live guitar, backing vocals)

Wildeflower (live guitar, backing vocals)

 Boyband [formerly The DIP] (live guitar, backing vocals, songwriting)

Arcady Bliss and Article.

Please email charlie@charlieelwess.com for all bookings and enquiries.

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